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RichWebMaster Improves its High-Payout Togel Singapore Affiliate Program

RichWebMaster was founded in March 2001 with the mission of providing affiliates with enhanced opportunities for growth and profitability. By all measures, the company has fulfilled its mission very successfully. The program has consistently paid the highest commission levels (40%+) in the industry and continues to sustain one of the most impressive customer acquisition rates. However, the administrators of RichWebMaster, always eager to “push the envelope” of their industry, will enhance their unique affiliate programs even further for 2003.

Unprecedented Commissions

As indicated on Dec. 16th, the first stage of this program will be the unprecedented commission levels of 70% for January 2003 and 100% for February 2003. (Beyond February, RichWebMaster will still pay commission levels of 40% and higher – the best affiliate payouts in the industry). More attractive commission levels attract more affiliates which generate more volume which, in turn, provides RichWebMaster with more leverage to negotiate favorable commission agreements with participating properties. Ultimately, all of this leads to increasing profit-levels for participating affiliates. However, commission levels are just one dimension of an enhanced affiliate program that has been re-optimized on multiple levels to deliver consistently higher profits to affiliates.

Bottom Line: Higher Affiliate Profits

Through its high “out of the gate”Togel Singapore commissions, the program maximizes short-term profit and puts more money in its affiliates’ pockets immediately. These expanded short-term profits fortify affiliates’ advertising resources that – along with access to RichWebMaster’s unique marketing resources and ever-expanding network of prominent properties – will build larger and more profitable customer bases. Of course, a more lucrative customer base translates into higher long-term profits as well. In this manner, the bottom line of the program’s new initiatives is substantially higher short-term and long-term profits for its affiliates. These initiatives include:

Dynamic Affiliate Marketing Resources

RichWebMaster will offer additional resources to help its affiliates with their marketing endeavors. For example, launching in February, RichWebMaster will provide an affiliate marketing forum on its website for its members. This will enable participating affiliates and program administrators to share information and learn more from each other about maximizing the profitability of their efforts. This affiliate community resource will keep all registered participants current regarding the latest news, trends, and technologies that have an impact upon affiliate marketers. Access to such resources offers a real edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

Further Profits

As well, RichWebMaster will continue to sign on additional properties and software platforms to keep generating greater opportunities and profits for its members. The program has already established an excellent track record for identifying the most promising casino clients. For example, a clear trend in recent months has been the migration of a significant number of prominent online properties (former Cryptologic (2), Boss Media (3), MicroGaming Solutions (4), and Real Time Gaming (8) entities) to the highly advanced Playtech platform. The program identified this trend at its earliest stages and launched a concerted effort to win clients within this growing market. Furthermore, RichWebMaster is currently negotiating with a number of established non-casino gaming entities of various sorts (online Bingo, Sports (including horse racing) Books, Lotteries, etc…) to provide a new set of lucrative opportunities for affiliates. The purpose of this strategy is to keep diversifying opportunities for affiliates while ensuring that participating properties provide the highest customer lifetime values in the industry.

Unbeatable Value

With the highest commissions in the industry, the most comprehensive marketing support resources, and the most proactive property registration strategy, RichWebMaster looks forward to providing its expanded set of services to a growing number of leading gaming affiliates.



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