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$50,000 Up for Grabs at Togel Paradise Poker

A $50,000 promotion nudges Paradise Poker a few steps in the direction of becoming poker paradise.

The site, a virtual poker room where bettors can play over the Internet against real opponents, will give away $50,000 to celebrate the dealing of its 50 millionth hand. The first prize of $100 will be awarded to players dealt cards in game No. 47 million. Plus, the winner of that hand bags a bonus $500. Prizes will then be given out every 500,000th game in the same manner, only the closer to the magical 50 millionth hand, the higher the prize.

The player who wins hand No. 50 million grabs $5,000, while the rest of the players in that hand win $500 each.

Prizes will be credited directly to players’ accounts immediately after they play in the winning game.

Each prize-game winner will be asked to select a charity to which Paradise Poker will donate the same amount of money that’s awarded to the winner. The prize-game winners will be contacted via email by Paradise Poker support to obtain the full details of their favorite charities.

Paradise Poker will courier a bank draft directly to the winning player’s charity of choice, although the selected recipient must be a worthy and registered charity. In the event a player does not select a specific charity, Paradise Poker will make the donation to the United Way International Costa Rica affiliate.

Play-for-free games and one-on-one games will temporarily stop right before each of the important games to ensure that they’re dealt at a real money table with lots of players.

The 47.5 millionth hand has already been played, and approximately 500,000 hands are played every two days, so players interested in getting in on it will have to act quickly.

Chicago Player Wins VW Beetle at King Solomon’s

Business consultant, Gail R. from Chicago, Illinois in the United States, won a Togel brand new VW Beetle January 2 at King Solomon’s Online Casino. “I was so ecstatic when I got the phone call about the win,” Gail remembers. “I first saw the competition advertised in their newsletter and then saw the pop-up screen on their web site. I was determined to try and win it.”

The VW Beetle was part of King Solomon’s year-end special promotions to extend and retain its client base. The beetle was offered to the player who wagered the most during the course of Christmas and New Year.




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