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Members are just rolling in the dough at www.casinofortune.com and www.mapau.com and Jennifer Abbott is no exception.


Members are just rolling in the dough at www.casinofortune.com and www.mapau.com and Jennifer Abbott is no exception. ‘The Ball and Chain’, as she is fondly known to her colleagues at Gonegambling.com has hit 7 out of 7 numbers twice and 8 out of 9 numbers once and all on $5 bets. The 7 out of 7 paid her $35,000 on 6th April and $35,000 again on 28th May. The 8 out of 9 numbers paid her $23,500. In addition to those wins she has had a 6 out of 6 for over $8,000 and several 6 out of 7 numbers for $2,000 each time. Jennifer has won herself over $100,000 in the mere three months she has been playing at Mapau and Casino Fortune.


Her husband John Abbott, owner of the esteemed Gonegambling.com exclaimed, “I don’t do this lightly but how can I not tell you about the best group of casinos on the Net? I truly believe that the PlayTech games used by the Sunny Group of Casinos is a true “random number generator” and every game you play gives you the same chance as the previous game of winning. They also have the best returns on your investment for any Keno game I have yet seen on the Net.”


The Sunny Casinos Family is very excited about Jennifer’s fantastic streak of luck and has dubbed her the ‘Keno Queen’. Anand, Promotions Manager stated, “This is the kind of excitement Sunny Casinos is fast becoming famous for and we intend to uphold our reputation for being part of the higher echelons in online entertainment.” With another casino (Gold Gate Casino) soon to come under Sunny Casinos’ management, it can be safely said that Sunny Casinos is indeed the place where royalty is born.

– About Sunny Casinos –

All Sunny Casinos bring the glamour and excitement of Las Vegas casino action to your PC. Fast payouts, twenty-four hour customer service, lucrative sign up bonuses, a rewarding comp points program, loyal player perks, and big prizes and promotions, make Sunny Casinos the leading destinations for wagering online.


World’s first charitable on-line casino launches!


Black Rhino Casino launches as the world’s first on line charitable casino. Members to play a significant role in funding endangered species projects around the globe. Website features education through new virtual gaming experience utilizing the latest gaming software.


WILLEMSTAD, Curacao-June 4, 2002- Black Rhino Casino, (www.blackrhinocasino.com) the world’s first charitable on-line casino, donating to the protection of endangered species, is pleased to announce its’ Grand Opening on Friday, June 7th, 2002!


After a year of extensive research, Black Rhino Casino has identified numerous non-profit organizations, which are in desperate need of funding. Through a donation of 10% of net profits, Black Rhino Casino can ensure the existence of many grass root types of organizations, whose work in the field contribute directly to the success of endangered species around the world.


“Black Rhino Casino is more then just a Slot Online gaming web site,” said casino spokesperson, Mr. Ron Stopchycki. “As good corporate citizens, combined with the support of our future members, we feel that we have the ability to provide supplemental funding to major endangered species projects around the globe. In conjunction with our players and various non-profit organizations, we expect to make a direct impact on the survival of some of our most critically endangered species.”


Mr. Stopchycki went on to say, “Not only does our casino and sportsbook provide the latest in the virtual gaming environment, but we’ve also paid much attention to the look and feel of the site itself. At Black Rhino Casino, we’ve created ‘Species Spotlights’ on each page to help educate our members and visitors on the plight of specific endangered species vying for survival at this very moment. We’re also giving our members the opportunity to see the difference they’re making, through updates posted on our ‘Projects Page’ as well as the ability to educate themselves further through our ‘links’ pages.”


“We fully understand the importance of taking care of our members,” acknowledged Mr. Stopchycki. “With this in mind, we’ve developed VIP and Club Cash programs, which are industry firsts. ” Black Rhino Casino provides a level of customer service and satisfaction unmatched in on-line gaming, with 24-hour customer support available through toll free numbers, live chat and email. Mr. Stopchycki emphasized that, “Payment and deposit options are the finest available, focusing on the expedited payment of wins to the customer.”


Black Rhino uses the latest gaming software available, developed by Futurebet Systems Inc. (www.futurebet.com) and customized specifically for Black Rhino Casino. The software features a complete line of land based styled casino games and a sportsbook with very competitive lines. With Black Rhino’s Fantasy Sports, members can create their own sports team and wager against other members, another first for on-line gaming. The Fantasy Sports section will be released in time for the start of the NFL regular season, and will also include the NBA, MLB, and NHL. Future development plans include pari-mutuel games of skill such as chess, checkers, cribbage and several interactive multiplayer arcade style games


Black Rhino Casino is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Media Communications Inc; a British Virgin Islands registered company. The Government of Curacao located in Netherlands, Antilles, regulates Black Rhino Casinos’ gaming license. Black Rhino Casino is a member of EOGA (Ethical Online Gaming Association) and IGC (Internet Gaming Commission). The EOGA and IGC are owned by independent, multi-national bodies of casino executives, with direct long-term experience in online gaming. The games are independently reviewed and inspected for randomness and accuracy of each of the random number generated games.



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