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Tekkorp Consulting Group Opens Online Casino Malaysia Office

Tekkorp – Tekkorp Consulting Group announces its first office opening in Sydney, Australia. Tekkorp is the one of the first companies to focus its services entirely on the needs of operators in the regulated interactive gaming market.


Tekkorp Consulting is focused on providing a complete array of services required by casino operators in today’s highly competitive environment. The company distinguishes itself through an unmatched pool of skilled employees, who have been involved in the interactive gaming industry since its infancy and are therefore part of an established network of gaming associations, regulators, backend development houses, game designers, and operators. The company operates on a global playing field, understanding every facet of the internet gaming business.


Matt Davey, Managing Director, Tekkorp Consulting Group Pty Ltd, commented, “First-world government bodies have been slow to recognize the impact of interactive gaming on their citizens and licensed operators. Consequently, players choose to consume self-regulated gaming products and operators have resorted to offshore jurisdictions. Recently, however, we have seen a number of countries move to issue licenses in conjunction with strong regulations.


“Operators are now presented with the challenge of determining which jurisdiction to choose. Tekkorp is working with these operators to sift through the options and identify the jurisdictions that provide the best regulations, reputation, and effective business environment for their individual needs.”


Tekkorp Consulting provides its consultancy services in both the technical and business arenas. The breath and depth in the company’s services suite range from high-level management strategies such as Business Analysis, Market Segmentation and System Evaluation to implementation focused services such as Risk Analysis and Project Management.


By engaging in the services of Tekkorp Consulting, Online Casino Malaysia operators are able to access some of the best skills in the market place, in a timely and cost effective manner. Moreover, operators are able to achieve their business objectives with specialist staff without building in fixed costs to their operating structure. Tekkorp also employs a ‘skills transfer’ philosophy to educate the client’s staff with the skills they require for ongoing operations and management.


By working with Tekkorp, operators are able to focus on growing their business without the management overhead and cost associated with special projects such as the evaluation, acquisition, and integration of new software and hardware solutions.


“The interactive gaming industry is evolving from a largely offshore, self-regulated market to one of first world jurisdictions and established brands. Tekkorp is here to provide the professional services to ensure this industry reaches its full potential,” said Davey.


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