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Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Security Guard at Bodyguard School

Protecting your business and property has never been easier than with the help of a trained security guard. These professionals are astute, observant, and able to prevent crime from occurring. Not any security guard will do, though. It’s important to select your guard carefully. By considering the following tips, you are sure to find a trustworthy individual to help monitor your business.

Before anything else, make a list of your needs. Are you looking for a security guard to patrol a parking lot? Perhaps you need an individual to monitor the premises on the weekend when no employees are present. Whether you need a full-time security guard or a part-time security guard, it’s important to make a list of what you need. This makes it easier to find a security guard who fits the qualifications.

Begin to interview various agencies. Security guards usually work for security companies. Find a company that specializes in the type of security that you need. Some companies only provide perimeter patrol while others provide internal patrol. Make a list of a few different agencies that fit your criteria to interview.

During each of your interviews, discuss experience and qualifications. Before hiring an agency, it’s important to verify that each of their guards is licensed and qualified to perform their duties. Ensure that the agency has proper insurance coverage and their business license. Besides basic business licenses, each of their employees should also be educated and certified in proper security procedures.

After interviewing various agencies, you can compare rates and service. Once you have a list of various security agencies and have verified that they are properly trained, begin to compare costs. Keep in mind that most agencies price their services differently. Some quoted prices may include different coverage and equipment. Choose a company that offers the best security for the best price but also take into consideration expertise, history, and areas of service before deciding. More about Bodyguard School

Finally, get to know each of the guards that are working for you. Once you have chosen an agency, it’s important that you personally meet each guard working on the premises. This ensures that you feel comfortable with the guards and are confident in their ability to protect your assets.

Whether you need a full-time guard or a patrolman on the weekends, PWA is staffed and ready to help. Since 2001, our elite staff has provided security to the Phoenix area. Each of our employees is highly-trained and qualified in incident control, prevention, and reporting. Protect your assets by allowing us to protect you.


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