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Benefits of using a virtual office for your business

For every entrepreneur, having a space to host your business is an illusion. Hang the pictures, choose the furniture, paint the walls in order to cut the opening day ribbon, all ready to have an office to begin operations. But often this dream is truncated by the high costs of starting a business independently. Sometimes up to 50% or more of the capital is intended to take renting a property and condition.The good news is that there are virtual offices; a service that enables the entrepreneur to start professionally without sacrificing their money, as they are within the reach of almost any budget. And the best thing is that they are suitable to perform all kinds of activity, from coaching, psychology, design, accounting, architecture, freelancers and projects from home, to production and marketing of goods and services technology.But how does this tool work? This is an office like any other, only without a physical space in a building. That is, you have a tax and business address to receive your mail or print on your stationery and business cards. You also have a private number and the services of a secretary who answers your phone with the name of your company, takes messages and connects calls to your mobile or home to stay in touch with your clients at all times.This scheme is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start with a recognised image, luxurious facilities and professional care service at a competitive cost. It means you can spend 100% of your time to do business and not worry about the operational tasks involving an office, like paying the electric bill, telephone or water, and salary and training a secretary. More about Registered Office


The advantages of the virtual office model

Many professionals spend more than 90 minutes to reach their workplaces, causing stress and damage physical and mental health. Nobody likes to be in traffic, and this model can go to any of the resorts to perform your tasks, reduce travel times and leave you free space on your schedule to take care of other tasks. Another added value of belonging to a virtual office is that the networking is done with other users. Users can interact and do business with each other, provide a service or create strategic partnerships that benefit both parties.Using this format of work (both virtual and physical) is an alternative for companies that suffer a disaster, unforeseen or emergency. So you can move to a productive workplace and resume operations immediately, as all offices are always ready to work. Therefore, business continues without interruption. Even some providers of virtual offices manage benefit programs for its clients by means of a card. This not only identifies them as members of a circle of business people around a workplace, but gives them discounts in various establishments such as restaurants, gyms, entertainment or clothing stores.Renting a virtual office can represent savings of 54 to 90% for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). Riding a traditional office entails expenses for salaries and legal benefits for employees, plus payment of electricity, water, telephone, etc.While each provider handles packages based on the services offered, the reality is that all the offers are customised specifically for each customer, so that you only pay for what you need. The scheme adapts as you grow and, at the moment you can choose if you want you to add or remove services and migrate to other forms of work.Lots of people begin by renting a space with perhaps only a couple of desks and can then move up the ladder to occupy more office space, some businesses might start with just a registered address, giving their company a central London address. The virtual office enables you to grow at your own pace, so eventually in a relatively short amount of time, you could think about settling independently with your own office.The flexibility of this model not only benefits SMEs and entrepreneurial rookies. The big companies also use it to expand its presence nationwide or have offices in major cities throughout the country without investing much capital.For more information about virtual spaces and business news, visit the Your Virtual Office Blog today.


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