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Integrity and Togel Hongkong Objectivity


Kind of an unusual phrase when referring to online gambling, right?

As far as some online gamblers are concerned, these two words don’t exist in a gambling dictionary. They think that online casinos are rigged in order to take their money. And any person or site which promotes online gambling is set up with the intention of misleading unsuspecting visitors into losing their money, whereupon they receive a commission of up to 50%.

Yet they overlook the fact that gambling at a casino, by its very nature, is always stacked in favor of the house. With very rare exceptions, the casino always has a house edge. It makes no difference whether you are at a real casino or gambling online – over the long run the casino will always win.

With that said, why would any online casino have to rig its games to make money from the gambler? A seasoned gambler will quickly detect when a game is not playing normally. And if he or she gets together to compare results with a few more seasoned gamblers, soon enough the game is up and no one will frequent that casino. Any online casino which rigs its games gives up any opportunity of earning profits over the long run – instead concentrating on scamming enough people before they run.

The majority of online casinos are honest – but there are enough dishonest operations out there to ensure a number of pitfalls and traps for online gamblers to fall into. Needless to say, just as you would not walk into a casino in Vegas that doesn’t “look or feel” right, one must take the time to do a little information gathering before playing at a particular online casino.

Portals also fall into a similar range – a few of them are set up primarily to lure unsuspecting players into playing at a dishonest casino, whereupon the casino will share a large part of the profits with the portal.

But many portals are set up for the purpose of providing useful information, and guiding players to casinos which are honest and reliable. Sure, in many cases portals also share in any profits that the casino may earn – call it a marketing fee in lieu of advertising – but at these casinos you are playing against true odds – and you have just as much chance of winning as you would at a land-based casino.

Case in point – there is one affiliate Togel Hongkong program on Got2Bet that has been running since December. Some 65 gamblers signed up through Got2Bet – and in the eight months that this program has been promoted, Got2Bet has not made a single cent. Which is to say that overall, these gamblers have won EVERY month.

So why do we keep promoting it, you ask?

It’s pure and simple – as a portal, we strive to promote only honest casinos. If we don’t make any money, well, that’s life – but gamblers who have signed up have clear proof that we promote good casinos, and only good casinos – because they’re winning. Over the long run, though, if these gamblers continue to play at this casino, the results will move closer to the mean – which is to say that the gamblers will likely see their past winnings overcome by the house edge.

While a portion of our income is clearly due to affiliate programs, the majority of our income is through advertising – affiliate programs will always take second place in promotional priorities. But we still hold these advertisers to the same standards – if they do not meet these standards, we reject the advertising. In fact, they never even get the rate card until we know who they are, and have personally tested them for integrity and support.

So it should come as no surprise that Got2Bet has turned away more advertising than it has accepted. We don’t even provide a link on the site for advertisers to follow. Only if they really want to advertise will they send mail to the webmaster asking who to contact for marketing purposes – and then they must identify themselves before they even find out our rates – and then they must agree to pay those rates – amongst the highest in the industry – and this process automatically knocks out all but the strongest and most reliable.

This article is about integrity and objectivity. Got2Bet may never become a major gambling portal. It may never make a lot of money. But we will always be proud that we are able to provide the public with quality information and places to play – and frankly, even the advertisers respect that position, because they know they are getting a fair deal and not having to compete with inferior casinos which cheat gamblers.

If we as a portal do not have integrity and objectivity, we will not last long. If you as a player do not have integrity and objectivity, you will find yourself locked out of the good casinos. And if you, as a casino, do not have integrity and objectivity, you will not have any players.

It’s that simple. It takes two to tango, and one to be a matchmaker. Incompatible tango partners will not stay together long – and incompetent matchmakers will find that their services are not needed.


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