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The Bonus Tour 먹튀검증 Continued

Bonuses are an incentive for customers to try out a casino’s software – and there’s no rule against winning with the money!

Think of it like the free spin a land-based casino gives you in order to entice you into their casino – you could end up a millionaire (though obviously few do) – but with an online casino bonus everyone has the chance to make a few bucks!

I hope you made some money in the last casino, Captain Cook’s, which uses Microgaming software. In this installment, we’re going to try out a Boss Media casino, the up-and-coming Prestige Casino.

Prestige also offers a cash bonus of $40 for new players who make a deposit – clearly two of the best casinos on the Net, so don’t be disappointed if in later installments the bonuses aren’t as big!

As mentioned in an earlier installment, the best game to play at Boss Media is blackjack, though the slots are quite interesting and some of you may prefer video poker.

Another interesting game recently introduced at Prestige is Caribbean Stud, which has a progressive jackpot as well. If you know Caribbean Stud strategy (stay on hands of AKxxx or better – visit The Wizard of Odds for optimal strategy), you might be tempted to place some small bets and perhaps hit a piece of that progressive jackpot!

Again, remember to play just what is required to meet the conditions of the bonus – $40 plus whatever you deposited – and cash out. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to play at Prestige later, and I’m sure many of you will return.

Make the entries in the table that you created in the last part so you can track your progress. In my case, the table now looks like this:

Casino Name Deposit Bonus Cashout Charges Profit(loss)

Captain Cook’s 20 40 60 0 40

Prestige 20 40 62.50 1 41.50

Even better than the first time – I made $42.50 including the 먹튀검증 bonus, paid $1 for a check (All BossMedia/Webdollar casinos charge $1 for a check), so total profit at this casino is $41.50. From two casinos I’ve already turned a nice profit of $81.50 – I’m certainly not going to complain.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make some money and build yourself a bankroll. Keep this up at a few other casinos and pretty soon you’ll be taking that bankroll to Vegas for some live play!





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