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Five things to check out on casino web pages before gambling

  1. Bonus and promotion terms and conditions

Let’s face it. It’s the bonuses and promotions that initially draw most players to a particular online casino. No matter how good the bonus or promotion sounds, it is crucial to first read the terms and conditions – a.k.a. the fine print. Don’t assume the same terms and conditions apply for each bonus and promotion at each online casino. They don’t. Some online casinos could require you to wager up to 9 times the bonus amount before you can cash out. Others may not allow you to cash out the bonus amount at all. Some have a restriction on games you can play with the bonus money. Some promotions are only for new players. Others require a deposit first. The terms and conditions clearly explain the rules for that particular bonus and promotion. If you don’t follow the terms and conditions, you are taking another gamble. No matter how big your win, no matter how small your win, no matter how much you complain, no matter how much you beg, if you don’t follow the terms and conditions of a bonus or uniquecasino.fr promotion, the casino does not have to honor your winnings. In fact, they could even lock out your account and label you a bonus or promotion abuser, which has been known to happen many times. You can usually find the terms and conditions of the bonus or promotion by clicking on a link right below where the bonus or promotion is being offered on the casino’s Web page. Some online casinos use pop-up windows to offer these bonuses. It’s important to read carefully so you don’t miss it. If you receive the promotional offer by e-mail, the e-mail may contain the terms and conditions at the very bottom or it may direct you to the casino’s Web page. You may have to click on a section called news or promotions on the casino’s Web page to find the terms and conditions. Usually the terms and conditions are easy enough to find if you look for the fine print.

  1. Cash out policies

Everyone’s goal is to walk away a winner. At some casinos, the cost to get your winnings could be your entire earnings! It’s better to know what the cash out policies are before you play so you are not surprised or shocked later. The costs of withdrawals vary. Some casinos will charge as much as $40 to send your winnings by cashier check regular mail. Others will send it for free. If you prefer Western Union, Federal Express, ACH (bank wire transfers into your checking or savings accounts), those fees vary as well. The length of time to receive your winnings will also vary, depending on the casino and the method of withdrawal that you choose. If you need your winnings right away, you will want to check the cash out policies to see how long it could take to receive withdrawals. Some casinos only process withdrawals on a certain day each week. Others may only mail out checks a certain time each month. Some casinos may also require you to keep your winnings in the casino for 24 hours before you are allowed to withdraw. Some will also require you to have a password or security code before you are allowed to make a withdrawal. It could take as long as three weeks to receive the password or security code in your regular mail. These are the things you want to read up on before deciding to play. At most casinos, you can find the cash out policies by clicking on the banking link. Other casinos list it under a link called FAQ (frequently asked questions) or under the “about us” or “help” or “company information” links. If you cannot find any information about cash out or banking policies on the casino’s Web page or if you don’t understand the cash out policy, e-mail or call the casino. Do not play until you know and understand what their cash out policies are.

  1. Pay out percentages

Pay out percentages are the average percent of each wager that is returned to the players. The higher the percentage, the better for the player. For example, a 94 percent pay out yields 94 cents for every dollar wagered. That doesn’t mean you’ll get 94 cents for every single dollar you bet. It reflects all plays at the online casino. It’s an average. Some will pay more, some will pay less. Not all online casinos will have this pay out percentage information readily available on their Web pages but if you see it, you should check it out. Some casinos will just list it for a particular time period on their Home pages or under the “winners” or “pay out percentages” links. The pay out percentages may contain very detailed information, such as the pay out percentages for each game individually that is offered at that particular casino. Other casinos will state that they have full disclosure of their pay out percentages, but you must e-mail the casino to obtain that information. Microgaming casinos use PricewaterhouseCoopers, an independent accounting firm, to examine their pay out percentages. You will see the PricewaterhouseCoopers seal or link box on the home page of Microgaming casinos. If you click on that PricewaterhouseCoopers icon, usually found at the bottom of the online casino’s home page, you can see the pay out percentages on four categories – all games, slot games, table games and poker games – for a given time period at that online casino. For outside advice on online casino odds and pay out percentages, it’s worth taking a look at The Wizard of Odds Web site at http://thewizardofodds.com/.

  1. Playcheck/Cashcheck

This is a nice feature that many casinos are now offering. It allows you to see all your plays at the casino, including your wagers, losses, wins, deposits and withdrawals. It’s a great way to keep track of your deposits and see if your withdrawals have been processed yet. You can also study your plays on blackjack, see the pattern of where the ball landed on roulette and view the lines you received on the slot machines. You can also calculate your pay out percentages from this information. It’s also an easy way to resolve disputes about plays because each play has been recorded and can be easily viewed by you with a click of your mouse. Casinos that have this feature will have a link prominently displayed on their home pages. Some casinos also offer this feature inside the casino, after you have downloaded their software.

  1. Loyalty programs

These are the rewards programs that many online casinos are now offering. For high rollers, they can add up. For small stake gamblers, it will take a while. Casinos will give you one point for a certain amount of money wagered. Once you have reached a certain amount of points, you will earn money or products. For example, some casinos give one point for every $10 wagered. For every 1,000 points you earn, they will credit your casino account with $10. Some casinos will give you $1 for every 100 points you earn. Usually the credits are placed in your account once a month and extra points are carried over to the next month. These programs vary depending on the casino. Some will allow you to earn different amounts of points depending on the games you play. A few casinos will allow you to earn shared loyalty points by playing at their other casinos. The loyalty points you earn at those casinos go into one rewards program account. Some casinos also allow you to convert your loyalty points or comp points into cash immediately. Others allow you to use your loyalty points toward purchases of items at various stores the casino has links to. Online casinos that offer loyalty programs usually have a link on their home pages with details about the program. If you do not see information on the casino’s Web site, e-mail the casino and ask.



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