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Official Rules of Big Wheel –

  1. Definitions

1.1 In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears:

“Act” means the Casino Control Act 1992;

“casino promotional token or voucher” means a token or voucher issued by the casino operator to enable the player to have one free wager at a gaming table in the amount identified on the token or voucher. Promotional tokens and vouchers wagered at a table are forfeited after a valid spin whether the wager wins or loses. If the wager wins, the player is to be paid the winnings in chips or color checks;

“casino supervisor” means a person employed in a Slot Gacor Hari Ini casino in a managerial capacity relating to the conduct of gaming and includes a games supervisor;

“color checks” means chips without denomination markings;

“dealer” means a person responsible for the operation of the game;

“game supervisor” means a person responsible for the immediate supervision of the operation of the game;

“inspector” means a person appointed under section 106 of the Act;

“marker button” means a button used to denote the value of color checks;

“value chips” means chips marked with denominations of value;

“void” means invalid with no result.

  1. Table Layout and Equipment

2.1 The game of Big Wheel shall be played at a table having on one side places for the players, and on the opposite side a place for the dealer(s) with a circular wheel of not less than 1.5 metres in diameter.

2.2 The rim of the wheel shall be divided, by means of pegs, into 52 equally spaced sections which shall be marked in the same order shown in diagram “A” and have the following:

2.2.1 24 sections exhibiting one particular symbol or number;

2.2.2 12 sections exhibiting a second particular symbol or number;

2.2.3 8 sections exhibiting a third particular symbol or number;

2.2.4 4 sections exhibiting a fourth particular symbol or number;

2.2.5 2 sections exhibiting a fifth particular symbol or number;

2.2.6 1 section exhibiting a sixth particular symbol or number;

2.2.7 1 section exhibiting a seventh particular symbol or number.

2.3 The layout of the table shall display the name and/or logo of the casino, shall have areas designated for the placement of wagers and shall be marked in a manner substantially similar to that shown in diagram “B”.

2.4 The following equipment shall also be used:

2.4.1 an indicator which ss the wheel and indicates the winning section;

2.4.2 marker buttons, constructed of plastic in different colors, sufficient to indicate the values of the color checks in use at the table.

2.5 The table shall have a drop box attached to it.

  1. Wagers

3.1 A permissible wager by a player shall be a wager on a particular symbol or number which shall:

3.1.1 win if the indicator comes to rest in a section of the wheel depicting that particular symbol or number; and

3.1.2 lose if the indicator comes to rest in a section of the wheel depicting any other symbol or number.

3.2 All wagers shall be made by placing value chips or color checks and/or casino promotional tokens or vouchers on the appropriate wagering areas of the layout.

3.3 The color checks of a set shall each bear the same distinguishing emblem or mark to differentiate them from color checks of other sets in use at other tables. Each set shall be subdivided into various colors.

3.4 Color checks issued at a Big Wheel table shall only be used for gaming at that table and shall not be used for gaming at any other table in the casino.

3.5 Color checks shall only be presented for redemption at the table from which they were issued and shall not be redeemed or exchanged at any other location in the casino unless that table is closed at the time of the redemption request.

3.6 No player shall be issued with color checks which are identical in color and design to color checks which have been issued to another player at the same table unless the player(s) issued with the color checks agreed to the issue.

3.7 Where a player purchases color checks, the specific value to be assigned to each shall be ascertained by the dealer and if that value exceeds the table minimum it shall be denoted by acolor check and a related marker button bearing a number on it to designate the value set by that player.

3.8 At the discretion of a game supervisor, a player may be issued with color checks of more than one color at the same table, provided that as a result, no other player is precluded from wagering with color checks. In such instances the colors issued to the one player shall be designated the same value.

3.9 Immediately before the wheel is spun the dealer shall call “no more bets”. A wager cannot be withdrawn, changed or placed once the wheel has been activated nor shall wagers be placed or removed until winning wagers from the previous result have been paid.

3.10 Wagers orally declared shall be accepted only when accompanied by chips or color checks or casino promotional tokens or vouchers and the dealer has sufficient time to place the wager on the layout prior to the wheel being spun.

3.11 Players are responsible for the positioning of their wagers on the layout, whether or not they are assisted by the dealer. Players must ensure that any instructions given to the dealer regarding the placement of their wagers are correctly carried out.

3.12 Wagers shall be settled strictly in accordance with the position of chips or color checks or casino promotional tokens or vouchers on the layout when the indicator comes to rest in a section of the wheel.

3.13 A casino supervisor may modify the application of rule 3.12 if it is apparent, in the circumstances, that a strict application of the rule would be unfair to the player.

  1. Minimum and Maximum Wagers

4.1 The minimum and maximum wagers permitted by a player shall be shown on a sign at the table. Unless stated on the sign, wagers are not required to be made in multiples of the minimum. The sign may also state the minimum unit in which wagers may be made above the table minimum.

4.2 Any wager less than the stated minimum or greater than the stated maximum made by a player and not rejected prior to the wheel being spun shall be treated as a valid wager.

4.3 A casino supervisor may alter the limits on a gaming table at any time except that a minimum wager can only be changed to a higher minimum if a sign indicating the new minimum and proposed time of change has been displayed at the table at least20 minutes before the change.

4.4 A casino supervisor may allow a player to wager in excess of the stated maximum provided that a sign denoting the new minimum and maximum wagers for that player is placed on an appropriate area of the table.

  1. Rotation of the Wheel

5.1 The wheel shall be spun by either a dealer or game supervisor and the direction of the wheel may be alternated. The wheel shall complete at least three revolutions to constitute a valid spin.

5.2 Upon the indicator coming to rest in a section of the wheel, the dealer or game supervisor shall announce the winning symbol or number and then the dealer(s) shall first collect all losing wagers and then pay all winning wagers.

5.3 No person other than a dealer or supervisor responsible for the operation and integrity of the game, shall, at any time during play interfere with the wheel or the rotation of the wheel.

5.4 The indicator must be clearly inside one of the sections at the completion of a spin to constitute a valid spin.

  1. Settlement Odds

6.1 Winning wagers at the game of Big Wheel shall be paid at the odds listed below:

Wager Odds

24 sections referred to in rule 2.2.1 1 to 1

12 sections referred to in rule 2.2.2 3 to 1

8 sections referred to in rule 2.2.3 5 to 1

4 sections referred to in rule 2.2.4 11 to 1

2 sections referred to in rule 2.2.5 23 to 1

1 section referred to in rule 2.2.6 47 to 1

1 section referred to in rule 2.2.7 47 to 1

  1. Irregularities

7.1 If a dealer or the game supervisor anticipates that the wheel will not complete three revolutions, the dealer or game supervisor shall announce “no-spin” and the wheel shall be spun again.

7.2 If the indicator ss on the peg between two sections, all wagers shall be void on that spin and a dealer or the game supervisor shall announce “no spin”.

7.3 If there is a physical interference or a mechanical malfunction with the spin of the wheel, a dealer or the game supervisor shall announce “no-spin” and the spin shall be an invalid spin regardless of whether or not the indicator comes to rest in one of the sections of the wheel.

7.4 If a dealer or the game supervisor announces “no-spin”, all wagers shall be void on that spin.

  1. General Provisions

8.1 A person shall not, either alone or in concert with any other person, use or control at or near a gaming table or location related to the playing of a game a calculator, computer, or other electronic, electrical or mechanical apparatus or device that is capable, with respect to a game or a part thereof, of recording, projecting, analyzing or transmitting an outcome or the changing probabilities or the playing strategies to be used.

8.2 Rule 8.1 shall not apply to use or control by an agent or employee of the casino operator or an inspector where such person is acting in the course of their duty.

8.3 Where a casino supervisor is satisfied that a person has contravened any provision of rule 8.1, he/she may:

8.3.1 declare that any wager made by the person is void;

8.3.2 direct that the person shall be excluded from further participation in the game;

8.3.3 exclude the person from the casino in line with the provisions of section 79 of the Act;

8.3.4 cause the person(s) in possession of a prohibited device to be detained until such time as an inspector or a police officer has attended and assumed responsibility for the situation.

8.4 A casino supervisor may invalidate the outcome of a game if:

8.4.1 the game is disrupted by civil commotion, fire, riot, brawl, robbery, an act of God; or

8.4.2 any fraudulent act is perpetrated by any person that, in the opinion of the casino supervisor, affects the outcome of the game.

8.5 Where the outcome of a game is invalidated under rule 8.4, all wagers made by the players for that particular result may be refunded provided that a casino supervisor may direct that the wager of any player referred to in rule 8.4.2 be forfeited.

8.6 A player shall not be advised by an employee of the casino on how to play, except to ensure compliance with these rules.

8.7 No spectator or any player wagering at any table may, unless requested by a player, attempt to influence, influence or offer advice to that player regarding that player’s decisions of play.

8.8 A casino supervisor may close a gaming table at which players are present provided a sign showing the proposed time of closure has been displayed at the table for at least 20 minutes before the closure.

8.9 A player who abstains from placing any wagers for three consecutive rounds of play, while all other seats or positions at the table are in use, may be required to vacate his/her seat or position.

8.10 Players and spectators are not permitted to have side bets with or against each other.

8.11 Any dispute or complaint concerning a casino game shall be referred for decision in the first instance to a game supervisor, subject to a review (if requested) by a casino supervisor. The decision of the casino supervisor shall be final, subject to rule 8.12.

8.12 Complainants in all unresolved disputes shall be advised of the presence of, and their right to consult, an inspector. Where a complainant requests review of the decision by an inspector, the inspector shall investigate the complaint in accordance with section 110 of the Act.

8.13 A copy of these rules shall be made available for inspection upon request.


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