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Off My Game slothoki


Something happened. My online poker skills seemed to have diminished. Maybe it’s lack of playing. My online time has been spotty at best over the past few weeks.

Last night I played in a little tourney with a measley $100 prize pool. There were 400 players. Read it and weep…

This time I actually list every hand, so you can tell me if there are some hands I should have played but folded. The only flops I saw are mentioned.

The hands I played out have extended explanations. Every other hand was folded before the flop.

I note where I was the big blind, the small blind and the button. Hands are separated by ***.

I won the high-card draw before we started so I got slothoki the button. It was mostly downhill from there.

BUTTON: Js-7d***8s-3h***6d-2h***6s-4h***Ad-6s, called 10 blind, nothing on the flop

Hand #6

I’m in an early position with 990 chips when I get a pair of 10’s.

I raise to 3x the blind (30) and get two callers.

The flop is Qs-Ac-Qd. Ugh. I check, and the next guy bets 105. I fold, so does the other guy.

Qh-Jd, raised in front of me***9s-7s***BIG 10: 9h-5h, raised in front of me***LITTLE 5: 4s-3d***BUTTON: 9c-2d***Ad-8c, raised in front of me***Qs-5c***Kd-2s***Qc-7d***As-2d***Kc-8d***BIG 20: Ah-8d, K-Q-7c flop***LITTLE 10: As-8c, 6-4-7 (two hearts) flop***BUTTON: Ad-7d, BIG raise in front of me

Hand #21

I’m in a late position with 895 chips when I get cowboys.

I raise the big blind of 20 to 100 and get two callers.

The flop is Qd-9d-8c. That doesn’t bother me too much. My pocket pair beats any pair from the board. The diamonds present a potential flush, but my biggest worry is the straight potential. The guy in front of me bets the minimum 20, and I raise, betting the pot of 390. Both call… uh oh.

The turn is a Jh. I suddenly hate my hand. Any 10 beats me. A guy goes all-in in front of me and I fold.

The second guy calls however and we get a showdown. 9h-Jd (two pair) vs 8-8 (trips).

The river brings an A, no help to either, and the trips win. I would have lost to both hands. I’m down to 405

Ah-4s***9s-4h***6h-6c, big raise after I called 20 blind so I fold, some guy flopped the nut flush***10s-6d***BIG 30: Js-9h, no help on flop***LITTLE 15: 7c-6d


BUTTON: 7c-6h

Hand #40

I’m in a late position with 340 chips when I get a pair of 7’s.

I merely call the big blind of 30 and seven players are in the pot.

The flop is 6h-4s-3h. With 210 in the pot, and 310 left in front of me, I figure now is as good of time as ever to go all-in. Amazingly, I get three callers. Now I’m worried.

The turn is a Qs. No help for me, and now a Q beats me. There are now two hearts and two spades, not to mention the straight potential. The other three players all check.

The river floats me a beauty, the 5 of diamonds. That means the only hand that beats me is 7-8, and since I’ve got two 7’s, the likelihood of that is slim. They all check again.


Guy #1 has 6d-5h, and has two pair

Guy #2 has Ah-3d, just a pair of 3’s

Guy #3 has Ac-Kh, he’s got just an Ace high

My straight holds up and I’m up to 1495 now.


Hand #44

I’m in an early position with 1495 chips when I get another pair of 10’s.

I raise the big blind of 30 to 60. Three others call.

The flop is Ac-Qh-2h. Terrible, terible flop for me. I check and the player after me bets 285. I have to fold.

Eventually two players are all-in, one shows Ah-4s, the other As-9c. The turn is the Ks, and the river brings the only card that helps the A-4 win… another 4. Ouch.

10c-9c, called, but raised big and folded***BIG 30: Js-9h, all folded

Hand #47

I’m in the small blind of 15 with 1420 chips when I get As-Jd.

I call the big blind, and three players are in the hand.

The flop is Js-10h-6h. I’ve got top pair so I bet the pot of 90. One caller.

The turn is the Kh. That’s three hearts, and a card higher than my pair. Ugh.

I check and he bets the pot of 270. I fold.

BUTTON: As-10c, no help on flop, big bet, I fold, down to 1270***9c-5h***Ad-4d, big bet in front of me***Kh-2s***10d-2s***4h-3s***Qh-4s***6c-3d***BIG 40: 8c-5h, raised in front of me

Hand #57

I’m in the small blind of 20 with 1230 chips when I get Ah-2h.

I call the big blind and four players are in the hand.

The flop is Ac-Qc-2d. I like it. Two pair is pretty strong. I bet the pot of 160 and the guy next to me raises to 320. Time to think. He’s been bullying a lot, and has a much bigger stack than me. I think he’s got an Ace, but nothing good enough to beat my two pair. I take a chance and go all-in. He calls.

Showdown time and he flips… As-2c. Guess he had a good hand, too. We chop the pot, and I’m at 1270.


Hand #59

I’m in a late position with 1270 chips when I get J’s in my pocket.

I raise the big blind of 40 to 100 and get two callers.

The flop is Kc-Qs-2c. Pretty much not what I wanted to see. Both players check and I bet 150 and get a caller.

The turn is a 6d. He checks, I check. I was worried about a check raise here.

The river is another 6. He checks. Should I bet here? If I do and he folds I take the pot. If I do and he comes over top of me, I’m forced to fold. If I don’t and he’s got a Q and was worried about me having a K, I’ll kick myself. I check.

In the showdown, he’s got just Ac-5h, and I take the 640 chip pot to go to 1660.

6d-2c***Ah-8d, raised in front of me***Kh-2h***10h-7h

Hand #64

I’m UTG with 1660 chips when I get As-Jd.

I don’t know why I played this hand, and I especially don’t know why I raised the big blind of 40 to 80. I get just one caller.

The flop is Kd-Ks-3h. I’m first to bet. Does he have a king? The odds say No. But how much am I willing to pay to find out? I decide to bet the pot of 220, and, unfortunately, he calls.

The turn is the 9s. The guy I’m head-to-head with has a 2-to-1 chip lead on me. At this point I’ve made two big bets. A raise from UTG and a pot bet on the flop. I’ve got nothing at this point, but maybe going all-in will convince him I have a K. Of course, if he has a K, that would backfire. If he doesn’t believe I have a K and has anything better than my A-J, he still beats me.

I lose my nerve and check. He goes all-in. I can’t call. He’s taken all the advantage from me, and probably has the hand. So far, I hadn’t noticed him buying anything. I fold.

Hand #65

I’m in the big blind of 60 with 1360 chips when I get Kh-9d.

No one raises so I check and four players are in the hand.

The flop is Ah-Ks-4s. Not bad, unless one of the other three players has an Ace or a better kicker with a K. I check, and so does everyone else.

The turn is a Jc. I check, and the last guy bets 60, two call, including me.

The river is a 5c. I check, the same guy bets 60 and we both call.

Unfortunately, he’s got Kc-Qs, and I muck my cards.

LITTLE 30: 6d-2h, down to 1150***BUTTON: Kc-7h***Js-6c***Kh-10h, no help on flop***8c-2c***Qc-Js***5d-3c***9s-7h***Ac-9d***BIG 60: Qh-2c, no help on flop***LITTLE 30: Ac-6h, big raise, back at 1000***BUTTON: Qh-7h***9c-6c***9d-7d***Ah-5d***7h-2d

FIRST BREAK, and I’m at 1000 chips. One full hour of play and I break even. There’s a little more than 200 of the 400 original players left, and I’m sitting barely in the top half.

5c-4c***Jc-4c***9c-4h***BIG 100: Qh-7h, 8-6-2 rainbow flop***LITTLE 50: Jh-3h, raised in front, down to 850***BUTTON: Kd-Qs***10c-7c

Hand #89

I’m in a late position with 850 chips when I get As-Qh.

Everyone folds in front of me, so I raise the big blind of 100 to 200. The big blind calls, he’s got about a 4-1 chip lead over me.

The flop is Kh-5h-2s. Absolutely no help for me. He bets 100 and I fold. I can’t chase it, and I’m down to 650.

10h-7h***Jh-5c***Qd-6s***4c-3c***Js-9s***BIG 100: 8c-7h, terrible flop, down to 550

Hand #96

I’m in the small blind of 50 with just 550 chips when I get Kh-Qh. That’s great for pinochle, but this is poker.

Everyone folds to me so I call the big blind. He’s got a 15-to-1 chip lead over me and has been a bully since I sat down. With that stack, I’d probably be a bully, too. He raises to 300.

Decision time. There’s no reason to just call. If I want to play, I have to go all-in. Calling 300 and folding on a bad flop would leave me just 250 chips and that’s twice around the table. If I fold now, I’ve still got 450 chips. That’s three times around the table.

I figure this guy doesn’t have an ace. Maybe a small pair, but I’m not even sure he’s got that. I think he’s trying to scare me off, so I go all-in. He quickly calls.

The good news is that I was right, he doesn’t have an ace. I was also right about him having a pair. The bad news is that he had a pair of K’s.

I don’t remember any of the cards. Might as well have been blank-blank-blank-blank-blank. Bottom line, I’m out in 174th place. I don’t think I played well at all.

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