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slot 428 Nothing exciting


The title says it all; describes the last two weeks of poker for me to a tee. I have an hour or so to kill before bowling, so instead of playing I decided to do an update. This should be real short.

Let’s see…last weekend, I played about 1,000 hands of slot 428 and broke even. It’s better than losing…i guess. Started out losing about 60$ or so playing 1/2$. I was at a very donkified table. I started up about 30$, when I came upon this hand, and it turned the whole session around. I don’t remember exactly how the hand went, but I was dealt 88, and the flop was capped between me and the main donkey at the table (he was down to like his last 5$). Flop was a bunch of bricks, I bet, call, Turn Q, River ‘x’…donkey turns over Q 2 off…puke. Wait, it gets better…So he has about 15$ or so….fast forward about two hours, this donkey is sitting on 240$, and I am stuck about 70$. This guy hit every miracle, cooler(A-high flush over my K-high flush felt pretty good), two pair, flopped sets, and on and on. You name it, he hit it. I couldn’t believe it.

Finally, after two hours of getting my head kicked in, I wasn’t feeling to good about myself, so I dropped to .50/1$. I found a table with a 19$ avg. pot….that’s not at typo…19$!! So I sat, and was pleased to find a maniac just running over the table. I dominated this maniac for about 15 minutes, out of position. She sat out for a bit, and I was two and three handed with a guy who had position on me with a chip stack of 1300$+. This is another thing that I found hilarious at the .50/1$ tables; people sitting with over 1,000 bb’s. One guy sat on another table I was on later, with 2500$ lost about 30$, and reloaded for another 100$. I even asked, “You didn’t just reload with an extra 100$, did you?” He left soon after. Anyways, the maniac rejoins, the table fills up again, and soon, I am up 100$ there. I was out of position on the maniac and the 1300$ stack, and I still pwned. After taking a 30$ hit and realizing just how long I had played, I quit for the day…about even.

I was very impressed with myself for owning the .50/1$ tables the way that I did. Sometimes when I have a bad session at 1/2$, I feel like I don’t belong there, especially when I know that I made a few mistakes. Anyways, I know that I am better than a large portion of those players, and I just have to keep grinding. But, I am kind of glad that I feel that way sometimes, because it keeps me from jumping up in limits. I have had urges to sit in on a 2/4$ or 3/6$ game. So far though, I have ignored them.

Other than that, I haven’t been playing that much. Surprisingly, a social life has interfered. I’ve been hanging out with some old drinking buddies, playing a bunch of Golden Tee, and bowling a lot. I played two NWP tourneys recently, no cashes. Played two S&G’s yesterday, took a 7th for 15.50$ so essentially, I was down 6.50$ there. Last night though, I played a 274 hand 1/2$ session with CheckRaise and finished up around 60$. I always seem to win when we are at the same table; so does he though. I guess I do better with at least one good player at the table as opposed to a table full of donkeys.

As of now, I have cracked the 700$ mark. I am beginning to think that the hardest part of reaching 10k will be getting that first 2k that I want to make my move. Up until my session last night, I was going to title my next blog, “All this poker and all I got were these lousy FPP’s” Wow, this turned out longer than I expected.

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