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sanghoki Review


Today I will be reviewing sanghoki in my ongoing series of reviews of other poker sites. Similar to BankrollBoost.com, Pokkercards is a portal with a ton of great information for the online poker player. They offer strategy based articles, information about online poker tournaments, discuss some of the better sites to play online poker, plus much more. I will try to break down the site into several sections so you know where to get started when you first visit the site.

As mentioned previously, Pokkercards has a ton of strategy-based articles. I found most of these articles to be tailored for a newer player starting out playing poker online, so if you are just starting your online poker career, this site will have a ton of great info for you. That doesn’t mean that only beginner players should check it out, even some of the best players overlook a lot of this great info so I wouldn’t skip checking it out just based on that. Some of their articles include “Online Poker Bluffing”, “Check and Raise All-in”, and “What to do on the flop”. That’s not all though, there are plenty more!

One of the best things about Pokkercards, is their site is offered in many different languages. For example, their Party Poker Review is available in German (as seen on the previous link), Dutch, Danish, Suomi, French, Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish or English so if you can read any of these languages, then you will find something of interest on this site! They work very hard on their articles and want to make sure that they are available to everyone.

Since the main focus of Pokkercards is newer players, they have a whole section dedicated to the rules of the different types of poker along with some general poker rules. They start off by teaching the general terminology, and then lead into other topics such as poker betting rules, hand orders and then rules games such as Omaha Hi & Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud. As a new player you definitely would not want to start risking any money, unless you had some idea of what you were actually doing.

Like many other poker sites, Pokkercards has reviews on several online poker sites. As you can see in this Full Tilt Poker review, they cover such topics as Player Traffic, Sign-up Bonus, Game Variety, and Beginners Tables along with several others.

For the Mac or Linux enthusiast, Pokkercards has a special page dedicated for you. They discuss some of the rooms that allow players using Mac or Linux machines so that you won’t feel left out when trying to find a place to play.

The last and greatest feature of Pokkercards is their tournament listings. When I did this review their actual tournament page was down, but if you check the homepage you can see two main lists: Poker Freerolls, and Poker Tournaments. If you don’t have any money you can find some sites offering freerolls where you don’t have to pay a thing, but if you are looking to win some serious money, then the Poker Tournaments listing is probably more for you.

To conclude this review, Pokkercards is a great site with a ton of info in many languages. Though it is more targeted to newer players, there is definitely something there for everyone to enjoy. Check out Pokkercards today!

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