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Will I be able to play slot onlain for more than $2 a bet in Florida soon?

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

But the bill (HB 1551) is just one of a host of gambling measures that appears likely to be approved by the traditionally gambling-shy Legislature this spring.

Just four hours after the council vote Monday, the House also approved a series of gaming measures, including bills that would raise wagering limits in slot onlain rooms and loosen regulations at the four Broward County facilities allowed to operate Las Vegas-style slot machines.

Critics called the combined package a testament to the influence in Tallahassee of the gambling industry, which annually showers hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions on state candidates and committees.

Records show that horse and dog tracks, jai-alai frontons, Indian tribes and other gaming interests funneled more than $2.5 million to Florida’s ruling Republican Party during the 2006 election cycle and more than $1.2 million to the Florida Democratic Party.

Florida is moving up in limits

This Sunday, a new law goes into effect in Florida that raises the betting limits for poker played in parimutuel facilities from $2 to $5 for limit games, and introduces no-limit games with $100 max buy-ins.

Really. No fooling! Can you believe it, in the current legislative environment?

I did my write-up, complete with links to Rini, from my Florida blog: New poker law in Florida

I might actually be tempted to hit the track and get my gambool on with all the l’il fishies this article will bring out. Haven’t been there in a couple Christmases, since I had my KK cracked by a runner-runner straight, with 2-4 offsuit being the hole cards. The Ace hit on the river. I was pissed because I figured her for some raggedy A-x, because the old ladies in these places can’t lay down any ace. My head exploded when I saw that 2-4o.

But, when you’re only playing 1/2 LHE, what can you expect? Tilt wasn’t the word for what happened afterwards.

Ah well, now that we can get a little closer to real poker, one thought has been going through my head:

Gotta get my ‘roll together.

Wherein I suck

Busted out of the Mookie in 10 minutes. Overplayed JJ pre-flop on what I thought was a simple steal.

Um… wrong. Ran into QQ.


All my money still would’ve gone in on the raggedy flop, so it didn’t matter in the end. And, that Q on the river just added insult to injury…

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