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Excuses for Losing from recent personal Online Casino Malaysia experience

– I played live, which I hadn’t done with anything at stake for over a year.

– There were only 5 or six people Online Casino Malaysia playing, and I’m used to playing at virtual tables with 9 or 10 people on them.

– A lack of total sobriety (which is still much better than a total lack of sobriety) may have resulted in some less than perfect decisions.

– I was playing against someone who spent some time in the Army, and that can result in the kind of steel nerves without stupidity that I don’t know how to deal with yet. He also seemed to be arguably more obsessed with poker than I am.

– We started with a relatively random number of chips, as opposed to either an equivalent to the buy-in like in most games or a multiple of 500 like in most tournaments.

– The blinds rose at a frequency reminiscent of an online tournament despite slow dealing and possibly slower hands.

– The amount of winner take all games played was much lower than the number of people playing, so I might have won everything back and then some if we played again.

– I didn’t see a single pocket pair despite playing for hours. Pocket pairs should occur in my hand about 1 in 13 times, and I played at least a few dozen hands.

Considering everything listed above, I suppose I should be happy that the stakes were small and I only lost $10 that night, which can be easily justified as an “entertainment expense”.

Free Online Poker Tournament

I noticed this place is doing a tournament where you can win money without gambling or paying anything. I’ll most likely try it out and post what I find. If you try it, please comment.

Sleepy Play = Stupid Play

Last night I was playing in the room called Chris Ferguson again, and he wasn’t there but might as well have been considering all the fake money that I lost. My biggest losses came on two hands, and I’ll briefly describe them here.

The first time, I had AK suited and I called a decent sized bet to see the flop. There were no aces or kings, but I did get a flush draw. The player who had initially raised checked, and I decided to push all in to hopefully take the 50k or so play chips already in the pot, and if I got called I’d still have a good chance of winning by hitting a diamond or possibly the ace. The hand was won by pocket kings (I think), so the ace would’ve given it to me as would a diamond. I got neither and immediately got another 200,000 chips of play money to play with.

The last play demonstrated questionable judgment, but what’s next was much worse. I was playing later than I should have been and decided that if possible I should go all in before bed to try to make a play money profit for the night. I got QK of diamonds, which even in my exhausted state was clearly a good hand but not the best idea to raise all in with. Apparently all of my sense collapsed within a span of twenty seconds, because someone re-raised my 17k bet to 94k and then the next player raised it up to 700,000 chips and I didn’t fold. I called and hoped to get lucky, and when the player who raised to put me all in showed pocket kings I knew that I was basically drawing dead the whole time. I’ve still got a few million fake dollars left, but if I’m not careful I could end up like the people who hang around high stakes play money tables trying to buy chips. Except without the trying to buy chips part. Just without enough chips to play with decent players without betting actual money.

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