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True Poker Site Review – This is a sentimental favorite, the first judi online Site I played – mostly free online poker back then. The site has the very best graphics of any poker site and has sounds to match. The character you pick to represent you can be a macho, sophisticated, or (ladies) Sexy as you could possibly want. The Internet Poker Site has 3 servers, one real money poker server, and two play money/chip Internet poker severs, to switch between playing real money and a relaxed game in the play area w/ friends requires switching among the Servers. This is a great limit poker learning ground – free online poker – there are many very good limit players on this site both real and play money. The no-limit games (in the play chip area) are not a good place to learn anything but a push and pray approach to the game, the real money Texas Hold’em NL tables are as good as any of the Online Poker Sites. This is where I started playing Omaha high/low always a great game to win big pots. True Poker has incentive based (X number of ranked hands gets you invited to certain tournaments) and true freerolls (Wednesday and Saturday), a good social place to play and the have lots of free stuff for loyal Real Money Players. The down side is the very sensual nature of the characters tends to attract a lot of pure chat room banter of a sexual nature (Play Chip and Micro tables), and a lot of what I assume adolescent players (or players acting like adolescents). Some Online Poker Players will like this, others will not, if you plan to tack your progress as a player through the accumulation of play chips pick another site, recently True Poker change their policy and resets everyone’s play chips every month. This policy change upset a lot of play money / play chip only players (but then again they do not pay the bills) and many have relocated to other sites, but many of the die hard free money poker players are still around and playing the Micros and Low Limit Games. GL on the Rounds!! Timbocroz (TechMan)

Noble Poker ¿ Just found this one great software, easy to read cards, and the site is as fast as any out there believe it based on the same software prima poker sites use ¿ but it is NOT, if you like the side chat bar but hate Prima Sites ¿ you have found a home! This is a relatively new site, but since it is based on state-of-the-art software and is an offshoot of a successful gambling/casino venture ¿ should be here for some time to come and compete with the big boys like Party Poker and Absolute. The play is what you would expect from a casino base clientele ¿ loose all the way up the line, it is not uncommon to see $8.00 pots in the $.05/$.10 limit rooms. They have numerous freeroll and micro tables to $.02/.04 hence; a great place to build a bankroll. The current deposit bonus 100% up to $300 makes this a great place for real money players ¿ especially those with the skills we possess on this forum. Real money players have a win win opportunity here ¿ the loose play and the deposit bonus ¿ a great one two punch. Tournament (Real Money) are mostly re-buy and not for me ¿ but I did play a few with some success ¿ not as bad as the ones I experienced at JetSet and the Prima Poker sites. There are sit and goes, but mostly in the 6/6 and 10/10 type ¿ I played 2 and places in the money ¿ once again forum members that read will do well. The biggest thing lacking is players ¿ it is hard to find a good Omaha H/L real money game, but that will come in time. Check this one out ¿ it is well worth your time..

Here’s an area of discussion that should interest all. Let’s first break the tournament down to three stages. The first stage we’ll call the gauntlet because that’s what you run with all the idiot boob tube fanatics watching highlights of previous events. This is the most dangerous stage of tourney play and covers about 80% of all entrants. Any raise strategy here is thrown out the door and useless in this stage because the majority of entrants don’t care. They’ll go all in with anything and call anything with anything or nothing. It’s a hit or miss attitude of either I’m in or out and if I’m in it’s going to be big or nothing. Moreover, blind value is too small to accomplish any meaningful worth to set a raise proportion during this stage. During this stage just do your best to survive. Second stage is when about 20% of entrants are left and this would be the pre-bubble stage as you aren’t in the money but you’ve survived the gauntlet and now blinds have increased substancially as to have meaningful effect on everyones chip stack and to set a standard of value for raises which will effect the out come of hands for any showdown. This stage seperates experienced players from the amatures and decides who’s going to the finish and who’s not. As stated above blinds are now a major factor in determining the value of each players hand and should be each players focus for survival past the bubble and on to the final table. You still need to survive blinds and finish in the money. But what do you raise when you have a hand and want to reduce the odds against you to get there? The recommended raise by experienced players is three to four times the blind. This rate of increase will deter limpers and tight players from calling and if they do will sound an alarm to watch for and provide an escape for the raiser if the flop doesn’t pan out without doing too much damage to their own chip stack. This stategy of raises should be exercised throughout the rest of the tourney as it provides the player a means of suppling needed chips to survive future blinds and can build a chip stack to finish past the bubble and on to the final table. The third stage is post bubble and getting to the final table. Raises here should be reduced to no more than three times the blind as now they are of substancial value and will effect your finish if used poorly or on badly timed hands during the preflop. If you’ve made it here you’ve demonstrated to all your opponents that you are a player to watchout for and now is not the time to regress to idiot raises and allins. Finishing first should be the only focus on your mind. Anything less is not acceptable and would send a wrong message to your opponents who just may have looked to you in a different light than they did awhile ago. You just earned their respect; keep it. This is mearly a guide to help you along and is not all inclussive. It should provide a base strategy to follow for your quest to win that elusive finish of first place. Any opinions or questions would be greatly appreciated for discussion.

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