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Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid slot gacor has amended ethics reports to now account for the $1.1 million land deal he recently scored… for property he hadn’t owned in three years.

Reid was previously contacted by The Associated Press and when pressed for a reason why, he hung up on them.

Not accounting for the deal appears to violate Senate ethics rules, which requires all transactions and investments to be fully disclosed.

A few days after The AP contacted him, Reid amended his financial disclosure form to now show the sale of the land.

Next week’s New Yorker has a fun article by Nick Paumgarten, who describes how Steve Wynn’s elbow was responsible for $40 million worth of damage to a Picasso.

Wynn owns Picasso’s “Le Reve” (pictured above), which is his favorite painting and which the show at Wynn Las Vegas is named after. He was planning to sell it to billionaire collector Steven Cohen for $139 million, what would be a sales record for a piece of artwork.

The deal was as good as signed, sealed, and delivered, until Wynn showed the painting to friends in town (including writer/director Nora Ephron, who writes personally about her experience being offended by the painting’s penis-shaped face). As he showed it, he accidentally gestured his hand a little too close to the painting, and his right elbow went right through Marie-Therese Walter’s left forearm.

According to Ephron, he told his guests, “Oh shit. Look what I’ve done.”

“Thank God it was me,” Wynn said. Ephron said everyone else was left speechless.

Wynn’s wife Elaine considered it an omen to not part with the painting.

Though an art restorer said he could repair it as good as new, Wynn decided to keep the painting.

Two weeks ago, Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa, and Casino unveiled its third major expansion since opening in December 2023.

The $110 million expansion includes 1,200 additional parking spaces in a new garage, a new 170-seat sportsbook, a new 22-table poker room, two new restaurants, and 14,000 more square feet for meeting and convention space.

The new restaurants are Tides Oyster Bar and Turf Grill, reflecting the look and feel of sister casino Red Rock more and more.

The fourth expansion will be completed in the spring, with more casino space and a 500-seat entertainment center.

To celebrate, GVR is offering all Boarding Pass players a discount on the Feast Buffet.

Just show your Boarding Pass at the cashier and receive breakfast for $6.99 ($2 off), lunch for $7.99 ($3 off), dinner Monday-Thursday for $12.99 ($5 off), and dinner Friday-Sunday for $13.99 ($5 off).

For the rest of October, slot players also receive 2x points.

If you’ve been missing impressionist Gordie Brown at the Golden Nugget, he’s now taken up shop at The Venetian.

Tickets are $64 and $74, but for preview performances through Oct. 23, you can purchase tickets for $50.

That’s still $5 more than his show used to be at Golden Nugget, but you would’ve spent that much on a cab downtown anyway.

Purchase tickets at Venetian’s website.

It’s good to see that the boys take a break on Sundays and cut back to just Jamesons and tequila. They also request 96 beers and two bottles of red wine everday in addition to the booze

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