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Landry’s offers to buy Golden Nugget

A little more than a year after their purchase of the Golden Nugget landed Tim Poster and Tom Breitling on the front pages of...

What is wrong with Situs Domino Online Barça?

  What was strange was that the club was warned a year before and did nothing to change its practices, as if it felt it...

Topic 2 Ohm’s Law

Resistance is the ratio of the voltage to the current, described in the simple equation R = V/I.  In a metallic conductor, we find that if we alter...

Topic 1. Charge, Current, and Potential Difference

Current and Charge The base electrical quantity is current, the flow of charge.  All other electrical quantities are derived from it.  Current is measured in ampères, or amps (A).  Charge is...

Topic 5.  Probing the Nucleus

The Story so far... In the early days, the atom was thought to be fundamental.  It was considered to be a blob of protons with electrons mixed in. Then...

Topic 4  Waves in Boxes

Albert Einstein developed the theory further to study how atoms interacted with photons.  He produced the notion of quantum physics, in which electromagnetic radiation has a particulate...

Topic 3 Particle Model of Light

Key Words Wave-Particle Duality, Photoelectric Effect, Photon, Quanta, Threshold Frequency, eV Light as a Particle? Historically there had been a lot of controversy about the wave nature of light,...

Topic 2 – The Wave Nature of Light

Some Revision In this section we will consider light to be a wave carrying energy that travels in straight lines at a speed of 3...

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